Monday, October 29, 2012

Reemphasizing prayer…

Esther goes to India in 2 days…we hope! Please pray with us, as she should get her visa tomorrow.  Nothing like cutting it close.  She is going to be trained as a denture technician with the four students from Sierra Leone, who are being trained as dental practitioners (who got their visas last week).
Today I had another osteomyelitis surgery (removal of dead bone).  Although this was a unique form, much like others I had seen where the dead portions of the bone had been encapsulated by a tumor known as fibrous dysplasia.  This is part of what distorts the face of these patients.  Although we may be able to get some improvement, their faces will sadly never be symmetrical again.

We got a pan down!!!!  Our panoramic x-ray sadly bit the dust this week.  Might be something we can fix, but won’t know for a while.  No next day service here.  So, we’re being resourceful and shooting shots with our film cartridge and standard dental x-ray machine.  And it's working!  This is yet another gentleman who has just presented to us with osteomyelitis.  He had heard our broadcast on ELWA radio.  Thank you, radio!

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