Monday, October 22, 2012

First Day of Clinic

Not only is the clinic is running like a well-oiled machine, the team seems to really be enjoying their work.  The practitioners saw 35 toothaches today (Mondays no appointments are given because so many toothaches come from over the weekend) and I helped out and completed the first surgery of the week and screened a few other patients for surgery. We broadcast my time here on the radio today, so we could have a major influx of surgical cases to schedule tomorrow.
Me and the new boss, Eddie.
One of nurses, Garmai, thanked her “boss” this morning.  I smirked thinking she was talking about me, but she was actually talking about Eddie, our practitioner, who has been a great leader and arranged for many of the staff members to attend Garmai’s uncle’s funeral this weekend.  Eddie not only seems to be a natural clinician, but a natural leader as well.

OUCH - The gentleman below was our surgical case today and has had this swelling for almost two months.  Below it was a piece of dead bone from his jaw that had died from a tooth infection.  We were able to drain this and get the bone out the same day so that he doesn’t have to have any further surgery.  A relief for both of us.  
Meet Trinity Dental Clinic's new staff members:
Helena and Archie are our new dental assistants, Archie is in training to take over for Esther, who leaves for India for training as a denture technician.
Esther and Archie
 This is Jaylee, who has a management degree from the Univ. of Liberia and serves as our receptionist and cashier.

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