Saturday, October 20, 2012

Liberia 1st Day

If the humidity isn’t enough, nothing makes the reality that your back in Liberia hit home like the chaos (understatement of the year) of the Robertsfield International Airport baggage claim, where my friend Deb and I wrestled our fellow passengers for over an hour.  If you listen closely, you hear me get in trouble for videoing, but I had to try and capture a bit. Doesn't do it justice
The clinic looks as good as or better than the day I left it. Pictures will come once there’s actually people in it.  This was outside the clinic when I arrived, so either the hospital is now doing stress tests or the staff is trying to tell me something (knowing I’ve been in the U.S. with access to affordable ice cream for six months).
Today I enjoyed a Liberia fruit smoothie in the morning, lots of catching up with friends (and our old dogs), fire ant bites, a renewed passion for the sport of Liberian driving, and this:

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  1. Yo Keith,
    So you're back in LIB. But for how long? Doing what? Are you back and forth between the US and LIB? Janne and I are moving to SL in Jan. Maybe see you soon. =)