Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clinic Day 2&3

Many of you donated to the Surf-A-Thon last year, and here is the result – Eddie’s house on campus.  I never got to see it completed.  Just two days ago, there was an electrical fire in the breaker box, but thank God Eddie was just outside, heard the popping, and was able to put it out.   The whole house could’ve easily gone up in flames.  Needless to say, we’ll be seeing about getting that fixed!  Ugh.

Yesterday was another interesting day with two surgical cases.  One was a fifteen year old girl with a rare tumor above one of her front teeth, which was a retained baby tooth, causing her front lip to protrude.  Her permanent tooth was  impacted by the tumor.  The tumor consists of dozens of what are like "tiny teeth".  After she heals and I leave, the clinic will make her a partial denture to replace the tooth.  (Black and white to make it a little less gory)

The other case was a man who had a fat tumor (lipoma) in his cheek  for seven years.  He probably is hating us today, but should be thankful in a few weeks.  Today is a couple of more “routine” dental surgeries (if there’s such a thing in Liberia).

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