Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exciting Surf Session

Robertsport, Liberia. After five and a half solid hours of head high waves and ridiculously good surfing, my aching, aging body was calling out, no crying out, for some serious anti-inflammatories. Some Ibuprofen and/or Diclofenac was on the menu. So after a sweet community style (one large bowl, five spoons) lunch of potato greens, I found myself at the local pharmacy, which resembled a mini version of an American fireworks stand. Alfred Lomax, local surfer who makes me feel like a total wuss in the water, accompanied me to the pharmacy to make sure I could find what I wanted. Myles Estey accompanied me most likely looking for potential material for his blog (highly recommended). I quickly spot a knock off of an "arousing" drug, dubbed Venegra. I pointed it out to Myles for a laugh and next thing I knew, Alfred was telling the "pharmacist" this is what I needed. Me- "No! No! I don't need that!" Myles- "Sure." Alfred- probably still oblivious to what he was trying to get me. I hope.

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