Sunday, April 5, 2009

Liberia, Liberia, Liberia

I am not telling anyone about this blog. So if you stumbled on here you could be among the world's unluckiest people.

In fact, I only started this account to comment on someone else's blog. Is that even necessary? And the next thing I knew i was setting up a blog of my own. And I couldn't stop.

I always thought to have a blog is an incredibly conceited thing. To tell people to regularly read a website with a bunch of junk I have written. This is why I can't tell anyone. But now, I have a place to post all my thoughts that I want to share with the world, and through this, I know the world will be greatly changed (that's a joke). So we will see by what chance people stumble upon it.

Now is the time I explain Liberia, Liberia, Liberia. Did I say Liberia? I think if I do this enough times--Liberia--I come up on some folks' Google and Yahoo Alerts and I can get some traffic without officially telling anyone about my blog. Liberia.

I live in Liberia. I surf in Liberia. I work in Liberia. I sweat in Liberia. Especially today. Man, it was hot.

Bye for now until I change the world yet once again.

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  1. Well, I'd read if you were to start blogging. Thanks for the Texas video - outstanding!