Friday, November 2, 2012

Last Clinic Day

Pictures used with parent consent
It was a really hectic last day in the clinic.  We had a four year old boy who has a cyst in his upper jaw that’s been there at least a year (they first noticed it a year ago, which means it may have been growing for two).  Under this mass was simply a cavity filled with fluid about the size of a tennis ball.  We were very happy to be able to treat it, as if it was another type of growth, the most we could have done would be to take a biopsy.  But hopefully this will be the last procedure he’ll ever have to have. 


We had two other minor cases, but then at 3:30 a young lady with a very large tumor of the lower jaw came to the hospital, and the doctor referred her over.  We did a biopsy for her and were able to remove at least part of the tumor.  This could be a cancerous process, like a lymphoma, so we’ll keep praying for her.  Either way, hope for a surgery could be slim.

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